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For over 75 years, GOW-MAC Instrument Co. has been, and continues to be, a leading manufacturer of high performance gas analysis analytical instruments engineered for anyone involved with the detection, analysis, production, or supply of gases within the global industrial, medical, bulk, corrosive, and specialty gas industries. Our custom engineered and manufactured GCs and gas analyzer packages are also used throughout the world by a wide variety of customers for user-specified applications in industrial research, development, quality control, and educational applications. Working closely with our clients, we ensure an analytical solution that meets their needs.

Our on-line and laboratory analytical products include:

  • Gas Chromatographs
  • Gas Analyzers (trace, binary, toxic)
  • Total and Aromatic Hydrocarbon Analyzers
  • Gas Leak Detectors
  • Custom process/on-line analyzer Packaged Labs

We also provide GC / gas analyzer detectors for OEMs (Discharge Ionization (DID), Thermal Conductivity (TCD), and Flame Ionization (FID), as well as Repair / replacement.

Featured Product
23 Series Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

Continuously measures concentrations of hydrocarbons and CO/ CO2 in gas streams. Delivers accurate, long term stability, reliability, and performance over three ranges of concentration.


Our client base is supported by a worldwide network of representatives who provide sales & extensive customer support. To locate the GOW-MAC representative or sales office closest to you…