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Our line of gas analysis solutions is extensive. Depending on the targeted application, GOW-MAC gas chromatographs and gas analyzers may use TCD, PID, FID, FPD, HFADD, colorimetric, or electro-optical detection to provide solutions for a wide range of applications.


Since the early days, GCs and gas analyzers bearing the GOW-MAC name have been produced and shipped to nearly every country worldwide.


GOW-MAC Instrument Co. is committed to providing quality products and services that meet our customer’s specifications. We will meet these objectives by continually improving our management systems and processes.


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GOW-MAC Instrument Co. has been, and continues to be, a leading manufacturer of high performance gas analytical instruments engineered for anyone involved with the detection, analysis, and production.


GOW-MAC Thermal Conductivity-based Gas Analyzers are used to measure and monitor binary gas streams. 


Each Series 5900 GC is custom built to a particular application. Contact us to discuss the details or your specific requirements.

“For close to 30 years, I have used GOW-MAC GC’s for the measurement of ppm levels of impurities in gaseous helium. All of the analyzers have been extremely accurate and reliable.The few times that I have required technical help, the assistance has been timely and helpful. I highly recommend GOW-MAC analyzers for this application.”

Herb R. - IACX Energy

“GOW-MAC is the first company I think of any and all of my specialty gas analysis or detection needs!”

Bruce H. – Minneapolis Oxygen

"It has been my experience that Gow-Mac maintains the availability of their repair parts much longer than most GC manufacturers. This is a huge benefit to organizations that have a very limited budget for equipment replacement."

Phil B - California State University



April 21, 2020

Applies to all Universities, Colleges, High Schools, and Institutions of Higher Learning. GOW-MAC understands that during this Covid-19 crisis school budgets are being stretched to the limit. In order to help, we are offering a 10% discount on the Series 400 and Series 580 Gas Chromatographs, Clarity Data Acquisition Software, Instrument Accessories and Leak Detectors.…

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