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GOW-MAC® Instrument Co. provides custom solutions for your testing requirements. Our solutions range from simple one-instrument solutions to a multi-dimensional approach incorporating an array of instrumentation, special sample handling and data processing.

Our engineers will work with you in tailoring turnkey GC and gas analyzer systems for your specific application. Flexible instrument design permits selection of various sample introduction methods, detectors and flow systems to accommodate specific application requirements, including corrosive or high O2 content.
 Package Lab System with SCADA
The company has assisted customers with special, demanding needs for over 75 years. Our years of detector and instrumentation expertise stream line the design process. The development of an applicated custom system involves the evaluation of chemical samples, conditions, environmental constraints and requirements as well as hazardous classifications.

GOW-MAC® Instrument Co. is a resource you can rely on for cost effective custom analytical solution. The steps we follow to achieve the ends are:
  1. Review initial customer request and data application sheets
  2. A multidisciplinary team enters phase one: preliminary design and analytical methodology
  3. Custom systems are engineered on the basis of mutually agreed upon specifications of sample composition and analytical demands.
  4. CAD drawings are developed, reviewed and evaluated by our team which is comprised of engineering, analytical chemists and the sales engineer acting on behalf of the customer
  5. Customer approval
  6. Start Production
  7. Ship order on time
  8. Commissioning and customer support available worldwide
This approach actually saves the customer hours of development time and money. The team draws on literally hundreds of years of experience and expertise employing – and modifying – past and common designs as well as new custom solutions.

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