Temperature Regulated TCDs

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24-500 Series Temperature Regulated Detector Assemblies and Kits for gas chromatography and gas analysis

  • Complete with a proportional temperature controlled, high mass aluminum housing for detector stability.
  • Control module includes a power supply, temperature controller, 12-step attenuator and a temperature/bridge current readout.
  • x10 signal amplifier (optional)
  • Cells are made of stainless steel and can also be made of corrosion resistant monel, titanium, or gold-plated
  • Cells can be sealed with reference gas of H2, He, N2, Ar or other gas.

KIT: Customer to receive all parts necessary to construct the instrument. Substantial work is involved in assembling the parts. No case is provided for detector control module.

ASSEMBLY: Customer to receive most parts assembled into the proper components. The detector control module is complete and working.

Temperature Regulated Cell Assemblies for Agilent GCs

Models 24-580/590-2 and 24-580/590-3 Detector Assemblies are designed specifically for the Agilent 5880 and 5890 GCs. Also available are Models 24-6890 and 24-6890-1 for the Agilent 6890 GCs. The availability of these detector assemblies is important since the original manufacturer does not offer a corrosion resistant TC detector.
  • Available with capillary TC detectors that do not use fluidic valves which switch at 5 and 10 Hz.
  • The GOW-MAC capillary detector has an effective volume of 8 µL and a response time of 0.05 seconds at 10 mL/min. carrier flow.
  • A continuous sampling TC detector, with response times 2 to 4 times faster than a fluidic switching valve which switches every 0.1 or 0.2 seconds, assures that quantitative data is accurate, especially on fast eluting peaks.
  • Retrofit Agilent Detector Assemblies include power supply, bridge control, TCD installed in an insulated housing with heaters and RTD sensor (TCD assembly), and detector control unit containing a proportional temperature controller.

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