Series 200 DID GC

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The Series 200DID Gas Chromatograph is a 19” rack mounted analyzer. This instrument employs our patented discharge ionization detector (DID) and offers custom, application specific system configurations optimized exclusively for gas analysis. The Series 200DID GC is a self-contained instrument therefore chromatography software is not needed. Two modes of operation are present in the analyzer — manual mode for method development and/or research; and automated mode for process analysis. 

Applications include, but are not limited to: Grade 6 - Electronic gases; Grade 6 – Inerts; Grade 5 - UHP Quality Gases: air, Ar, He, CO2, O2, N2, H2; high purity, stable gas mixtures for gaseous laser applications, i.e., laser surgery, drilling, welding, bar coding generation, cutting, and filter perforation; certified trace gas mixtures; basic and applied research; calibrating lab; process control. 
  • Corrosive and inert sample compatibility
  • Mass flow controllers
  • Laminar flow system with low dead volume
  • VCR fittings and orbital welds at critical connections
  • Sample introduction by means of pneumatically actuated gas sampling valves
  • Onboard computer control of valves
  • Up to (5) micro-packed, capillary or 1/8” packed columns, system dependent
  • Column oven operating temperature: ambient
    +10 °C to 150 °C
  • Up to 6 temperature zones
  • Detector operating temperature: 125 °C maximum
  • Vacuum fluorescence (VF) graphical display
  • Communication Protocol: Serial
  • Installation: 19” rack
  • Power: 105 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Series 200 GC
Series 200 DID
Gas Chromatograph

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