Series 580 Research GC

Versatile • Reliable • Dependable

The Series 580 Gas Chromatograph sets the standard for reliable performance in a wide range of applications. So impressive has the performance of this GC been, that many 580 users refer to it as "The Workhorse" instrument of their laboratory. The Series 580 GC can be customized to fit the exact requirements your application requires, utilizing either a TCD, FID, DID or PID detector.
  • Isothermal Operation
  • Detectors: TCD, FID, DID, or PID
  • Direct On-Column Injection or Gas Sample Valve: packed, capillary — split/splitless
  • Single or Dual Column
  • Accommodates 1/8” or 1/4” o.d. metal, 6 mm glass, or capillary columns
  • Column temperature range: ambient to 400 °C
  • Column oven temperature protection circuit
  • Readout: 3-1/2 digit LED digital display
  • Independent Temperature Controls for Column Oven, Detector, Injection Ports
  • On-line monitoring and valve manipulation by software or linking workstation
  • Microscale Compatible: heated, threaded exit ports, (optional — TCD only)
  • Signal Amplifier, x10 (TCD — optional)
  • Choice of standard or corrosion resistant system
  • Installation: bench or 19” rack mount
  • Power: 110-220 V, 50-60 Hz
Series 580 GC
Series 580 Gas Chromatograph

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