Series AR710 Argon Gas Analyzer

Versatile • Reliable • Dependable

The Series AR710 and AR720 Gas Chromatographs are designed for trace gas analysis of impurities in argon.

Applications: specialty gas manufacturers, industrial processes requiring inert argon, the electronics industry, gas separation plants, air separation plants, nuclear industry, certification of argon purity, semiconductor industry.  
  • Analysis of trace H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO and CO2 in high purity argon (ppb)
  • Detector: High Frequency Argon Discharge Detector (HFADD)
  • Sensitivity — H2: < 15 ppb; O2: < 75 ppb; N2: < 100 ppb; CH4: < 30 ppb; CO: < 100 ppb; CO2: <100 ppb
  • Analytical cycle: all components < 10 minutes
  • High analytical precision: ± 1% full scale
  • High stability and reproducibility
  • Output: 0-100 mV; 4-20 mA (optional)
  • Options: automatic or manual operation modes, auto-zero
  • On-line monitoring by linking workstation
  • Installation: bench or 19” rack
  • Power: 110-220 V, 50-60 Hz
Series AR710 Argon Impurity GC
Series AR710 Argon Impurity
Gas Chromatograph

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