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The Model 21-070 Gas Leak Detector is a precision instrument designed to locate leaks in gas or volatile liquid filled systems in laboratory and industrial locations.
  • Detector: Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) with thermistors Model 21-070 Gas Leak Detector
  • Highly sensitive, microprocessor controlled instrument
  • User-selectable hi/lo sensitivity settings
  • Flash memory for saving various settings
    • alarm mode
    • alarm setpoint
    • alarm volume
    • peak hold delay
    • LED brightness
    • sensitivity
    • pump speed
  • Pinpoint the exact leak site. No messy soap solutions! No system contamination!
  • Sensitivity Ranges: x1, x100, adjustable
  • Operating temperature: 21 °C ± 11 °C
  • Testing to NIST-traceable standard available
  • Power: 115-230 V, 50-60 Hz or rechargeable Ni-Cd battery
  • Visual readout: LED Bar Graph featuring adjustable brightness
  • Audible alarm with adjustable setpoint and volume

Industrial Applications: Testing & Quality Control, Valves & Manifolds, Welds, Seams, Joints, Pressure Regulators, Compression Fittings, High Pressure Vessels, High Pressure Gas Lines, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Laboratory Applications: Gas Chromatographs, Purge & Trap Systems, Injection Ports/Septa, Column & Detector Fittings, Gas Purifiers & Traps, Mass Flow Controllers, Cylinder Connections, Tube Fittings

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