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Thermal Conductivity Detectors Filaments

TCD Repair/Replacement Service

GOW-MAC manufactures filaments and new replacement thermal conductivity detectors (TCD) for all GOW-MAC instruments and most major gas chromatographs on the market today, including many older instruments. Manufacturer's cells we repair or replace include:

Beckman, Bendix, Burrell, Carlo Erba, Thermo Finnigan (Finnigan, Tremetrics, Tracor), Fisher Scientific (Victoreen), Agilent (Hewlett Packard, F&M), Intersmat, Nuclear Chicago (Barber Coleman), Packard/Becker, Perkin Elmer, Philips Electronic, Siemens, Toyo, and Varian.

If the manufacturer of your TCD is not listed, contact us with the manufacturer and model number and we'll determine if replacement filaments or a replacement TCD is available.

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