Argon Gas

Series AR710/720

The Series AR710/720 Rack Mountable Isothermal Gas Chromatograph has a High Frequency Discharge Ionization Detector (HFADD) installed for the specific analysis of impurities in Argon. The analysis of H2, O2, N2, CH4, and CO with the option of adding CO2, are performed between the low ppb and 200 ppm range. Pre-tested analytical columns for analysis of impurities in argon are standard in the AR710/720.  

Series # AR720
Type Gas Chromatograph
Dimensions 19"W x 18"H x 18"D
Weight 150 lbs.
Power 110V/220V
Detector HFADD
Gas Ar
Temp Range 10 to 40°C
Sensitivity 15ppb
Range 15ppb to 200ppm
Recommended Accessories 59-575 Accessory Package