Series 210

Beverage Grade CO2 Gas Analyzers are rugged, simple to use, and low maintenance. Batch or continuous stream monitoring. Rack mount or bench-top.

Series 210AHC

The Series 210AHC gas analyzer is highly selective for benzene in beverage grade CO2. The Series 210AHC meets all ISBT Method criteria for benzene analysis in CO2. The detection limit for the Series 210AHC is 5ppb which is lower than the ISBT limit of 20ppb. The linear range of the 210 is up to 120 ppb using a plug and play Photo Ionization Detector (PID).

Series 210BTEX

The Series 210BTEX is highly selective for BTEX in beverage grade CO2. A newly designed photoionization detector (PID) and proprietary technology are used for the specific measurement of Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl benzene, and o-m-p Xylene (BTEX). The Series 210BTEX has a linear range for the analysis of these components from 5 to 120 ppb. The on-board software allows for unattended use with as left as found software.

Series 210ACE

The Series 210ACE utilizes the GOW-MAC Flame Ionization Detector (FID) to analyze for Acetaldehyde and Methanol in beverage grade CO2. This analyzer exhibits over six orders of magnitude with a detection limit of down to 30ppb. The analysis is performed in approximately 3 minutes.

Series 210SA

The Series 210SA is a highly selective analyzer for the analysis of total sulfur in beverage grade CO2. Each sulfur species is captured and analyzed interference free by the software system and compared against a previous (automatic) standard run. The calibrated value is displayed digitally on the instrument’s front panel as TSC in ppm (v/v) sulfur, as defined by ISBT Method 14.0 utilizing our newly designed Flame Photometric Detector (FPD).