Temp Programmable

Series 826

The Series 826 High Performance Gas Chromatograph combines the industry’s leading digital platform with GOW-MAC detector technology. This combination gives the analyst the tools to perform different levels of analysis on up to three different detectors. The Series 826 can have different combinations of the Discharge Ionization Detector (DID), Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD), and Flame Ionization Detector (FID). The Series 826 can support up to eight valves, capillary, wide-bore capillary, or packed analytical columns. Electronic Pressure Controllers (EPC’s) can be installed along with numerous other options.

Series # 826
Type Gas Chromatograph
Dimensions 32"W x 19.5"H x 21.5"D
Power 110V/220V
Gas He/H2/N2/Ar
Temp Range Ambient to 450°C
Sensitivity 10ppb
Range 10ppb to 100%
Recommended Accessories