Trace Nitrogen

Series 1200/Series 1300

The Series 1200 analyzer measures ppb/ppm N2 impurity in Argon

The Series 1300 analyzer measures ppb/ppm N2 impurity in Helium

Guaranteed 10 ppb sensitivity. Measuring system based on spectral emission of argon or helium plasma with exceptional detector performance by utilizing patented electro-optical modulation.

These analyzers are available in different range configurations.

Series # 1200/1300
Type Dedicated Analyzer
Dimensions 16.6"W x 5.25" H x 14.62" D
Weight 25 lbs
Power 110V/220V
Detector Spectral Emission
Gas Ar
Temp Range Ambient to 35° C
Sensitivity 10ppb
Range 0-200ppm
Recommended Accessories 75-810-2-AR