He Purifier

Model 75-810

The Model 75-810 Carrier Gas Purifier is a point of use purifier reducing gas impurities to sub-ppb levels from helium or argon. The Model 75-810 purifier includes a 0.003 μm particle filter and has a maximum flow rate of 1.5 slpm. Available for Helium or Argon carrier gas.

Model # 75-810
Type Carrier Gas Purifier
Dimensions 5" x 4" footprint, 8" height
Weight 5 lbs.
Power 115V/240V
Impurities removed <1 PPB H2O, O2, CO, CO2, H2, N2, THC
Gas He or Ar
Temp Range 375 C operating temp
Sensitivity Grade 7 Purity
Leak Rate  <2 x 10 atm cc/sec He
Max Pressure  250 psig