H2 Separator

Model 75-850-BV

The Model 75-850-BV Hydrogen Separator is used to separate a hydrogen sample from the impurities in the sample for analysis from the ppb to ppm range. The 75-850-BV utilizes palladium alloy membrane to perform the separation, the separated hydrogen is converted to steam and vented safely to atmosphere. The 75-850-BV can be regenerated and comes installed with a manual bypass valve for the analysis of other bulk gases when not in use.

Series # 75-850-BV
Type Hydrogen Separator
Dimensions 6.5"W x 12" H x 15.5"D
Weight 15 lbs
Power 110V/220V
Detector Palladium Membrane
Gas H2
Temp Range Ambient
Sensitivity not applicable
Range not applicable
Recommended Accessories